Community Outreach

At GLSTC, we value our community and strive to support it in many ways. As part of our mission “To Prepare People to Live and Work Safely Every Day,” GLSTC is proud to partner with these organizations to strengthen our community.

Building Trades

GLSTC is a proud partner with schools in the Midland, Saginaw and Bullock Creek School Districts. In addition to these schools, GLSTC partners with the Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA) to provide general safety core curriculum, as well as provide safety awareness training and personal protective equipment.

GLSTC provides safety awareness talks annually to Midland County Habitat for Humanity during their build weeks. Habitat works with eligible families in Midland county through federal block grant funding and community donations to update and renovate homes in need of repairs.

Safety for the Kids

Training and education is fundamental to the safety of our workforce, therefore GLSTC has implemented Safety for the Kids program. GLSTC holds two fundraising events each year, an  Annual Safety Celebration Meeting and a Golf Outing, in which proceeds support the Safety for the Kids Program. GLSTC’s program includes scholarships to students in college or in a trades program and educational sessions to local high school students on safety guidelines in the workplace. GLSTC is proud to be able to donate PPE to these programs.