What is COST?

The Contractor Owner Safety Team (COST) is an organization promoting and sustaining safe work practices and is made up of contractor companies (Members) that work in the Midland I-Park and I-Park tenants (Partners).

Representation from the contractor companies includes Owners, Senior Managers and/or Empowered Managers who perform work at any of the I-Park Partner sites. Members also include contractor companies that work at any outer-lying sites connected with any I-Park Partners.

Members include:

  • Owners
  • A Senior Manager is able to commit company resources, including manpower, management time, and money to objectives agreed to by COST.
  • An Empowered Manager is able to implement or have implemented COST programs and policies within their companies.
  • Representatives from contractor members should not be the companies’ field supervisors, crew leads, or foremen as they form another group (Exchange) that works to improve safety within the plants.

Partners consist of Industrial Partners located within the I-Park who utilize and employ a contractor workforce.

The Mission of COST is: To promote a safe work culture for our Members and Partners by sharing key learnings, best practices, and resources to improve safety performance.

The Vision of COST is: Harnessing the power of an active and engaged membership to keep all workers safe.

Our vision elements include:

  • A highly engaged and growing membership base.
  • A highly engaged and growing Partner base.
  • An optimal COST infrastructure for long-term sustainability.

COST meets monthly at GLSTC, on the third Tuesday of the month, from 8 am – 10 am.
Questions? Contact Jill Dougherty at jdougherty@glstc.org.