About Us

“Preparing People to Live and Work Safely Every Day!”

Great Lakes Safety Training Center (GLSTC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization located in Midland, Michigan. We provide a full array of safety services including training, audits, background checks and more. GLSTC helps promote and create safe communities through strategic partnerships with businesses and local high schools.

Vision Statement

We are the recognized leader in safety education and related services, empowering our members and the community to prevent injuries, save lives and achieve a culture of safety excellence.

Who Do We Serve?

Great Lakes Safety Training Center serves businesses and individuals, whether they are Members, Non-Members, Contractors, Industrial or Municipal Entities. We support private and public groups and companies that wish to improve the safety performance and culture of their workforce. We also serve the public, helping to create a safer community, by contributing to an improved safety culture in the Great Lakes Bay Region and throughout the state.

Core Values

  • We value Integrity and Professionalism in all that we do. We treat each other and our customers with respect and dignity. We strive to always do what is right and ethical. We follow through, doing what we say we are going to do, and taking Ownership of the organization. We are positive Ambassadors for GLSTC in our community.
  • We are Creative and Innovative in finding solutions and we Embrace and Drive Change as we seek new ways of working, solving problems, and managing growth. We always “find a way” and go the extra mile to make good things happen.
  • We Deliver WOW Service to our clients and each other. We are timely and responsive in answering inquiries. We put the customer first and seek ways to help our customers be successful. We are welcoming, friendly and approachable with each other and our customers.
  • We Communicate Positively internally and externally. We build open and honest relationships, listening for clarification and understanding. We speak positively about our coworkers, customers and the organization and do not tolerate any negativity. We constructively and professionally deal with conflict.
  • We Build a Positive Team Experience. We recognize that the success of the team depends on the members and how well they work together. We help each other be successful and celebrate the success of individuals and our team. We back team members up when they are overloaded or stressed. We have each other’s back and we never throw team members under the bus. We take time to get to know one another and respect team member strengths and differences.
  • We have Passion for what we do but make time to Have FUN Safely! We are friendly and work hard to promote an open and accepting work atmosphere. We use humor appropriately and seek ways to positively break up the day. We actively participate in team events and socials.