Great Lakes Safety Training Center is always looking for talented professionals! Current job openings available:

Posted 11.04.22: GLSTC is looking for an outstanding full time safety instructor to conduct contractor safety training courses according to developed content in various areas of construction and manufacturing workplace occupational safety. Requires a strong safety background of at least 7-10 years of leadership in the construction or manufacturing industry, a passion for safety, extensive experience teaching all day in a classroom setting and ability to use Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook and other computer-based training materials. Must be able to work independently as well as a part of a team. Please include safety and teaching background, training, qualifications and certifications in resume/cover letter and send to

POSITION TITLE:  Associate Safety Specialist

EMPLOYMENT:  On-Call / Casual

REPORTS TO:  Director of Operations
STATUS:  Hourly/Non-Exempt

The Associate Safety Specialist promotes GLSTC programs and services by presenting in a positive, dynamic manner and by encouraging customers, students, and potential customers to participate in additional GLSTC training.


  1. Assure all GLSTC programs are in accordance with approved policies and procedures, legal requirements, and best practices.
  2. Participate in professional development to pursue continuous improvement and make recommendations for appropriate changes to GLSTC course content as needed.
  3. Conduct safety training courses according to the developed content and to make recommendations for improvements based on classroom interaction.
  4. Assist other GLSTC personnel in promoting the programs for use both at our facility and at our customers’ sites.
  5. Travel as necessary for the purposes of conducting training and building strategic partnerships.
  6. Special projects as requested by the Director of Operations or Executive Director.

Reports to Director of Operations. Communicate positively with training participants, contractors, customers, and the general public.

A Bachelor’s Degree or 7-10 years of related work experience is preferred as a minimum for this position. Use Microsoft PowerPoint, computer-based training materials, and additional media to update and/or develop training materials. Experience teaching Confined Space and Hazardous Material Safety is highly desired.

Average, ordinary visual and auditory acuity is necessary to maintain a training environment, including the ability to visually inspect documents, operate machinery, and manage students in training and testing functions. Physical strength is required to sit/stand for the purpose of maintaining a training environment, transport training materials weighing up to 50 lbs for offsite training sessions and set up or adjustment of training rooms.