GLSTC Safety Celebration Success

On March 12, 2022, Great Lakes Safety Training Center (GLSTC) conducted its virtual Annual Safety Celebration Meeting, which featured keynote speaker Garrison Wynn, who spoke about Influencing Safety.  Garrison gave an engaging and thought-provoking presentation.  To learn more about him, visit his website at

Kelly Juday, Executive Director, provided a brief review of GLSTC’s year in review.  In 2021, GLSTC provided almost 20,000 different training sessions, including site-specific trainings, specialty trainings, and partner trainings, such as OSHA or MIOSHA courses.  GLSTC also provided over 6,600 background services.  GLSTC’s Safety for the Kids Program provided $4,500 in scholarships and made safety outreach possible to local skilled trades programs and non-profit organizations.

GLSTC was proud to give the Pete Crawford Safety Champion Award to GLSTC members who exemplify commitment, passion and dedication to the safety of their employees and colleagues.  Pete was the Safety Director at Allor Construction before his passing five years ago.

It was pretty clear from the beginning that Pete was a “people” person when he first started at Alloy.  He was a friend to all and could light up the room with his smile.  Those of you that knew Pete can attest to his ability to engage in conversation, not to mention his ever so timely wit.  Turns out these attributes go a long way when training, coaching, mentoring, offering support and auditing groups of stressed-out workers.

Congratulations to Alloy Construction and G.E. Insulation for demonstrating their continued dedication to safety and earning the Pete Crawford Safety Champion Award.  Here are a few of their 2021 safety achievements:

Alloy Construction:

  • Revised JSA’s & STAC’s quarterly to match prompts they intend to target and keep them fresh
  • Developed an internal bi-weekly newsletter, which re-caps highlights from safety meetings, how to take safety home with you, and ways their core valuers have been shown through employees
  • Transitioned safety training records to SiteDocs
  • Received recognition from multiple partners, such as ABC’s STEP award, a quarterly contractor award from a business partner, and accolades for their STAC quality
  • Pioneered an all-encompassing Steel Erection Plan that is specific to pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Kept a constant culture index, really knowing each other, accommodating challenges outside of the workplace to keep time in the workplace safer, promoting trust in sharing & not burying experiences
  • Implemented the AH-HA program: Alloy Heightened-Hazard Awareness which focuses on keeping small things small

G.E. Insulation:

  • They have not had a reportable injury since September 20, 2014, which is over 975,000 man hours
  • They implemented a quarterly Safety Challenge Program that focuses on one potential hazard are each quarter, such as fall hazards or ergonomic issues
  • Redesigned CHAT cards, JSA’s and BBP forms
  • Sought employee input on redesigned safety programs
  • Restarted incentive and challenge programs
  • Very active in COST and the COST Good Catch Initiative, leading a focus group and active in Leadership at all Levels monthly moments and updated curriculum

Congratulations to MyMichigan Health for earning the 2021 Safety Partner of the year!  This award is given to a partner of GLSTC who demonstrates their dedication to safety through their actions and commitment to EVERYONE on their site(s).  A few of their 2021 Accomplishments:

  • Continual improvements to many medical center locations have been ongoing with construction soon to begin on the new Comprehensive Cancer Center. 
  • Provided $78 Million in community benefits, as well as supported its patients and families with new equipment, services and programs with funds raised by the MyMichigan Health Foundation. 
  • received the 2021 Michigan Performance Excellence  (MIPEx) Award, the state’s highest honor for organizations that have demonstrated outstanding performance, leadership, and operational excellence.
  • Utilized GLSTC training, background screening and recordkeeping services to make sure they have the most highly qualified contractor workforce to support their mission for supreme healthcare and safety.

GLSTC would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support.  This event would not be possible without their support!

Platinum Sponsors: Bierlein, Dow, Fisher Companies, John E. Green, Nexteer Automotive and Pumford Construction

Diamond Sponsors: Conti Corporation, Hemlock Semiconductor, Knight Facilities Management,  Three Rivers Corporation and Windemuller

Hard Hat Sponsors: DuPont, Greater Michigan Construction Academy, Mainscape and Valley Electrical Contractors 

Tool Belt Sponsors: Alloy Construction, Associated Builders and Contractors Greater Michigan Champagne & Marx and Corteva Agriscience

Steel Toe Sponsors: G. E. Insulation and Servinski Sod Services

Thank you to all of our sponsors and attendees!  We look forward to working with you in 2022 and seeing you at our next Safety Celebration in 2023!