GLSTC Scholarships for Trades or College

Through our Safety for the Kids program we are able to provide scholarships to students who live within the Great Lakes Bay region who are pursuing a certification or degree in the trades, manufacturing or construction, with an emphasis on safety. 

GLSTC is pleased to announce a new scholarship has been added to our Safety for the Kids Scholarship portfolio! We now proudly offer a $1,500 annual scholarship to a Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA) student! Interested students should contact GMCA to learn about the application process.  

We have partnered with our community foundations in the Great Lakes Bay Region to oversee our other scholarships. We award three $1,500 scholarships on an annual basis to a trade or college student, one from each of the MidlandBay and Saginaw Community Foundations.  Don’t delay visiting the appropriate link above – applications are due in January & February! 

GLSTC is also a member of the American Association of Safety Councils, who also generously gives an annual $1,500 scholarship to a sophomore or higher. The 2023 application form is due March 1, 2023, and can be viewed here.

The Safety for the Kids program is funded through generous donations from our members and partners. This program also allows us to provide safety training and safety gear to local schools, in addition to the scholarship program. We are grateful for the opportunity to support our workers of tomorrow!